Basins report

The Liberia River Basins 2016 Report provides condensed information on Liberian drainage network and river basins. The report updates drainage network and basin boundaries based on current data and GIS-based analysis.

The report may be the first step that could lead to development of the Liberian Water Resources and Hydropower Potential Atlas. This report as an open document intended to be updated. LHS strongly encourage users to review the report and submit corrections and suggestions for further development of the document to the  Liberian Hydrological Service.

Maps, tables and graphs supporting the information contained within the main text are presented in appendices.

The appendices 1-3 provide a set of country/Liberia maps including the overview map of principal river basins, the map of hydrological sub vision of the principal basins into classified subbasins and the physical map of Liberia with location of hydrometric network.

The appendices 4-6 provides maps of delimited coastal drainage areas.

The appendices 7-22 include tables, graphs and maps showing various data for individual principal basins.

Click to download The LIBERIA RIVER BASINS 2016 here.. All appendices are available for download in the table below.


Appendix 1 Liberian Principal Basins and Coastal Drainage Areas Download
Appendix 2 Liberian Principal Basins Download
Appendix 3 Hydrometric Network Download
Appendix 4 Coastal Drainage Areas 50-58 Download
Appendix 5 Coastal Drainage Areas 57-65 Download
Appendix 6 Coastal Drainage Areas 63-72 Download
Appendix 7 00 Moa River Download
Appendix 8 01 Mano River Download
Appendix 9 02 Mafa River-Lake Piso Download
Appendix 10 03 Lofa River Download
Appendix 11 04 St. Paul River Download
Appendix 12 05 Farmington River Download
Appendix 13 06 St. John River Download
Appendix 14 07 Timbo River Download
Appendix 15 08 Cestos River Download
Appendix 16 09 Sehnkwehn River Download
Appendix 17 10 Sinoe River Download
Appendix 18 11 Dugbe River Download
Appendix 19 12 Dubo River Download
Appendix 20 13 Grand Cess River Download
Appendix 21 14 Po-Joda River Download
Appendix 22 15 Cavalla River Download