About the Project

LHS – NVE Cooperation Program

The Norwegian Government has since 2010 granted an institutional cooperation program between Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy and the Norwegian Water and Energy Directorate. One of the most successful cooperation area has been National Hydrometric Network & Database where LHS has been the Liberian responsible partner.

As the project started, the Liberian hydrometric network was non-operational and LHS for nearly 30 past years did not collect any hydrological data. The program activities have changed this situation radically.

The Project re-established a minimum Liberian hydrometeorological network consisting of 16 hydrometric stations, 14 manual rain gauges and one automatic weather station. A hydrometeorological database and data collection system is operational where users will have access to information and data through the LHS webpage.

The next phase from July 2016 to July 2020 will focus on

  • Improving the system for collecting data and data management
  • Maintain the existing 10 hydrometric stations and provide all of them with automatic water level loggers (see Figure 1)
  • Maintain the automatic weather station and the rain fall stations
  • Expand the hydrometric network with 4 stations

The project has trained and equipped the hydrometric team of LHS to be qualified and capable to install and maintain hydrometric stations, to carry out river discharge measurements. Hydro data collected through the last years will be used for hydrological analyses, crucial for design of power plants and use of water for other purposes.

Liberia stations_water_level
Figur 1: Water level stations in Liberia