What We Do

Information about water quantity is required by many users including policy-makers, design engineers and the general public.  The Government of Liberia recognizes the need for accurate water resource information to define reliable supplies of good quality water, to determine hydro power potential, to assess irrigation potential and to protect Liberia’s control over its water resources.

The assessment of the water resources of Liberia and the efficient design of water resources projects requires reliable hydrological information. The Norwegian NVE Project in cooperation with LHS re-established Liberian hydrological data collection system. Our primary duties include:

  • Installation and maintenance of hydrometric stations,
  • Operation of the Liberian-wide network of hydrometric stations and recording high-quality hydrological data.
  • Carrying out river discharge measurements for each flow condition
  • Collecting, collating, quality controlling, and archiving hydrometric data from gauging station networks across the Liberia. After more than 30 years of break, daily discharge data are now recorded and compiled for main Liberian rivers. Users have directed access to these data through the CA4/LHS webpage.
  • Providing background data for hydropower studies at potential mini-hydro sites

Hydrometric monitoring is experiencing fundamental changes because of rapid advances in technology. The NVE Project helped the LHS to benefit from these developments by introducing a carefully selected set of modern hydro-meteorological instruments in Liberia. This includes:

  • Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) for river flow measurement,
  • Pressure transducers for water level recording in volatile rivers
  • Automatic weather station.